PLYWOOD One line info about plywood.

Plywood is a wood product manufactured out of many sheets of veneer, or plies, pressed together and glued, with their grains going in opposite directions. Plywood tends to be extremely strong, though not very attractive, and is treated in many different ways depending upon its intended application. Because of the way in which plywood is constructed, it also resists cracking, bending, warping, and shrinkage, depending upon its thickness. Plywood is also referred to as an engineered wood, although it is made from a composite of wooden materials, and various forms of it have been made for thousands of years

Various Varities of Plywood Available with us:
  • Hardwood Plywoods
  • Silverwood Plywoods
  • Gurjanwood Plywoods
  • BWR(Boiling Water Resistant) Grade Plywoods
  • BWP(Boiling WaterProof) Plywoods
  • Film Face Plywoods
  • Fire Retardent Plywoods

The Products that we sell conform to the following ISI Standards:
  • Green Club Premium Plywood - IS: 10701
  • Marine Grade Plywood (IS : 710)
  • BWR Plywood (IS : 303)
  • MR Grade Commercial Ply (IS : 303)
  • Shuttering & Film Faced Plywood (IS : 4990)
  • Fire Retardant Plywood IS 5509